What are Funko Pops?

Funko Pop refers to a series of vinyl figurines depicting characters from various aspects of pop culture, including movies, TV shows, video games, music, and more. They are known for their signature design with oversized heads and black dot eyes.

Funko itself originated in 1998 when founder Mike Becker, a toy collector, sought to create a nostalgic bobblehead figurine. The company eventually pivoted to produce the Funko Pop models that have become hugely popular collectors' items.

Some key facts about Funko Pops:

1.Initially released in 2010, there are now over 13,000 unique Funko Pop figurines

2.Manufactured in vinyl, with some special editions using materials like metallic paint or flocking to achieve different textures

3.Typically affordable, priced around $11 on average, allowing fans to collect multiple

While the stylized appearance remains consistent across Funko Pops, there is incredible variety in terms of which characters and franchises are represented:

Massive brands like Star Wars, Marvel, Disney

Beloved movies and TV shows like Harry Potter, The Office, and Stranger Things

Musicians, athletes, pop art icons, and many more

This broad appeal and sense of fun and nostalgia associated with Funko Pops helps drive their popularity as collectibles. Their cute appearance invites fans to build up collections representing their favorite fandoms.

Popularity and Nostalgia

A major reason behind Funko Pops' popularity is the sense of nostalgia they can evoke. Funko prioritizes securing licenses and rights to produce Pops for the most iconic and beloved characters across over decades of movies, TV, books, and more.

Fans are drawn to collecting Funko Pops for a few key reasons:

1.They bring back fond memories of cherished stories and characters

2.The cute styling adds charm and personality

3.Affordable prices allow fans to collect widely

4.Fun to display and appreciate

In particular, Funko targets major fandoms and franchises that inspire passion in their fans:

1.Marvel and DC superheroes

2.Fantasy universes like Star Wars and Harry Potter

3.Popular children's animation from Disney and Pixar

Exclusive variant Funko Pops produced in limited runs or available only at certain retailers also drive engagement. Fans rush to acquire these rare editions for their collections.

A vibrant online fan community has emerged surrounding Funko Pops discussing new releases, showcasing collections, and even creating stop-motion animation movies starring the figures. They ultimately scratch that nostalgic itch for fans across generations.

Variants and Special Editions

While all Funko Pops feature the signature oversized head and eyes, special variants add more uniqueness and collectibility.

Some types of Funko Pop variants:

Chase editions - Feature alternate color schemes or accessories compared to the common version. Chase Funko Pops are intentionally made in limited quantities.

Metallic - The vinyl figurine is cast in a metallic paint finish rather than flat colors.

Flocked - The figurine is covered in a soft, fuzzy fabric texture rather than smooth vinyl.

Glow-in-the-dark - The figurine glows when exposed to light.

There are also special Funko Pop releases exclusive to events like San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) and Emerald City Comic Con (ECCC). These collector's edition figurines have limited availability, driving up demand.

For example, a special Star Wars Funko Pop featuring a holographic Princess Leia was exclusive to 2022's SDCC event, with only 480 figurines produced. It now fetches over $300 on resale markets for collectors who missed the event.

These limited edition exclusive variants inspire excitement and buzz in the Funko community when they are first announced. Thanks to their scarcity, they often appreciate greatly in secondary market value over time as well. For serious Funko Pop collectors, acquiring rare variants and exclusives is a particular goal.

Funko Pop Collecting Details

For those looking to start their own Funko Pop collection, here are some helpful details:

Affordability - With most standard Funko Pops retailing around $11, collecting can be relatively inexpensive to get started. Rare exclusives can still run over $100 or more.

First Funko Pop - The first Funko Pop ever released kicked off the modern collectible craze. It was a Batman figurine exclusive to San Diego Comic-Con 2010. Only 480 were produced, and it now sells for over $7000!

Ideal Display - Many collectors choose to keep Funko Pops in their original boxes as this maintains their condition and display value. For those that want to take them out, placing them on shelving organized by theme keeps them neatly showcased.

Protecting Condition - Clear plastic pop protectors are recommended to shield Funko Pops from scuffs, dust, or accidental drops if displaying them out of box. Even in-box collectibles benefit from protectors to prevent box damage.

Organization - Sort Funko Pops displaying them by license, franchise, or theme to make completing sets more organized and visually appealing. Apps and online databases help collectors catalog and track their collections.

World's Largest Collection - An avid collector in Tennessee holds the Guinness World Record for the largest Funko Pop accumulation, with over 7000 figurines in their personal collection!

For Funko enthusiasts, half the fun is curating and growing an impressive array of Funko Pops to appreciate and share their fandoms. Protecting them properly ensures they can be enjoyed for years.

The Market

The popularity of Funko Pops as collectibles has created a thriving market ecosystem around them.

Some key market statistics:

Size of Funko Pop secondary market estimated between $700 million to $1 billion

Funko's total 2022 revenue exceeded $1.3 billion, with Pops making up over 70%

Average prices remain affordable, around $11 per Pop figure

Limited edition and exclusive Funko Pops can appreciation exponentially more

Funko continues to see strong sales growth, with revenue increasing over 28% year-over-year. The secondary market also keeps growing.

Several factors drive this Funko Pop market expansion:

1.Funko's constant addition of new licensed IPs and properties into Pop figurines

2.Strategic marketing of rare and limited edition exclusives

3.An engaged collector community chasing rare pops

In particular, the market for exclusive Funko Pop variants allows for targeted production driving scarcity and desirability for collectors. This stimulates the lucrative secondary market where collectors will pay premiums for sold out figurines.

As Funko expands into more franchises, properties, and geographies, analysts expect the Funko Pop ecosystem to keep demonstrating healthy growth in the years ahead. The collectible appeal shows no signs of slowing even over a decade after the first Pop release.

Protectors and Displays

To help collectors showcase their Funko Pops, various accessories and display products have emerged.

Popular Funko Pop accessories include:

Protectors - Clear plastic boxes that protectively encapsulate Funko Pops. This prevents scuffs or damage.

1.Materials like scratch-resistant and UV-resistant plastic ensure durability

2.Some protectors like the Guardian Legendary use virtually unbreakable plastic for maximum protection

Display stands - Clear plastic stands to mount Funko Pops in dramatic poses as if captured mid-scene. Allows figures to be prominently displayed.

Display vaults - Acrylic display cases designed to house collections of Funko Pops together while protecting them. Displays highlight the prized Funko Pops within.

These accessories allow collectors to highlight their rare Funko Pop hauls like trophies or works of art. The market for protective cases, dynamic poses, and acrylic display vaults continues thriving in parallel with Funko Pop popularity.

Some display solutions use creative features like:

LED lights - For illuminated effects

Rotating motored platforms - Slowly spin the Funko Pops

Fog machines - Add atmospheric fog inside the cases

These dramatic display choices make Funko Pops the centerpiece in any room. The culture of collecting and appreciating Funko Pops continues growing more sophisticated and creative for die-hard fans.


As media companies continue cranking out hit movies, shows, comics and games every year, so too will Funko translate those stories' most iconic characters into delightful collectible Pop form for fans. The company's mantra to make "everything fun" will surely continue popping off.

Funko Pops funky style, nostalgia factor, and sheer breadth across all aspects of entertainment make them likely to enjoy longevity as the collectible of choice across coming generations. Their signature heads will keep popping up in the years ahead.

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