How to Make an AI Funko Pop of Yourself with AI?


Funko Pops are vinyl figures depicting characters and celebrities from popular culture that have become hugely popular collectibles in recent years. With their oversized heads and cute designs, these Funko Pop figures appeal to fans and collectors alike.

Lately, a trend has emerged of using artificial intelligence to create custom AI Funko Pops. Specifically, Microsoft's Designer tool and its AI image generation capabilities allow users to easily generate their own unique Funko Pop style avatar.

The process involves simply writing text prompts to feed to the AI describing the desired figure. With some trial and error, the AI can output impressively lifelike and creative results.

This article will walk through step-by-step how to use AI to design your own personalized Funko Pop vinyl toy. Let's explore the creative possibilities!

How to Make an AI Funko Pop

Creating your own AI-generated Funko Pop avatar is straightforward using the Microsoft Designer tool. Here is a step-by-step overview:

1.Go to Microsoft Designer and sign in with your Microsoft account

2.Click on the Bing Image Creator tab.

3.Select "Create images from words with AI".

4.Write a text prompt describing the desired Funko Pop figure. Be as detailed as possible about physical features, clothing, expressions, etc. Some examples:

Funko figure of an African female, smiling, called Michelle, wearing glasses, a blue dress, and black heels, curly hair in a bun

Funko figure of a male, grinning, named John, with short brown hair, jeans, sneakers, and a superhero t-shirt

5.Generate the image by clicking the "Generate" button.

6.Review the AI-created image. If needed, edit the prompt to refine the output.

7.Save and share your personalized Funko Pop art!

Below is a simple template you can follow when writing your initial prompt:

Figure typeSpecify Funko figureFunko figure of a...
GenderMale, femalefemale
ExpressionHappy, smiling, grinningsmiling
NameUse a nickname if neededcalled Michelle
ClothingDescribe outfit pieceswearing glasses, a blue dress
HairHair style and colorcurly hair in a bun

With this framework to guide your prompt creation, the AI can accurately render a quality depiction of your desired Funko Pop doll. Don't forget to experiment with different variations to get an output you're happy with!

How to use AI Funko Pop Generator to make a Funko Pop?

In addition to using Microsoft Designer, you can also use our AI Funko Pop Generator to quickly generate Funko Pop pictures without logging in.

1.Access AI Funko Pop Generator on

2.Prepare your prompt

3.Generate your Funko Pop

4.Download your Funko Pop

Tips for Effective Prompts

When using Microsoft Designer's AI image generator to create custom Funko Pops, the specific wording of your text prompt is crucial. Here are some top tips for writing effective prompts that will produce high quality results:

Include plenty of descriptive details - The AI will depict what you describe, so give it clear direction by specifying facial features, hairstyle, clothing items, accessories, etc.

Use nicknames - if the AI blocks real people's names - To get around restrictions, substitute a nickname rather than a celebrity's real name.

Vary sentence structure - Write your prompt using different sentence formats to better engage the AI's learning capabilities.

Try different phrasings - Small tweaks to your word choices and syntax can lead to substantially different outputs.

Below are some examples of specific improvements you can make to prompts:

Prompt VersionCritiqueSuggested Alternative
Figure of LisaToo vagueFunko figure of a smiling woman named Lisa, with long blonde hair, blue eyes, wearing a red dress
Woman called LisaDescribe clothingWoman named Lisa, with tan skin, brown curly hair, wearing blue jeans and a black leather jacket
Lisa fromAccountingAdd Funko contextFunko figure of accountant named "Ledger Lisa", with glasses holding a laptop, wearing a pantsuit

As you can see, adding extra descriptor terms related to physical attributes and clothing dramatically improves the AI's rendering. Take the extra time to craft a detailed, uniquely structured prompt for the highest quality AI generated Funko art.

Customizing Your Funko Pop

One of the best things about using AI to generate Funko Pops is the ability to easily create customized and personalized figures. There are endless possibilities for tweaking the prompts to produce unique Funko artwork.

Poses - The default pose is a simple front-facing standing figure. But you can direct different poses like sitting, dancing, playing guitar, etc.

Accessories - Add glasses, hats, musical instruments, sports equipment, or anything else as fun accessories.

Backgrounds - Change up the background setting from the default blank backdrop to a bedroom, classroom, Mars landscape, or other interesting backdrops.

Box/Packaging - Design a customized novelty Funko box with specialized name, logos, or graphics.

For example:

Funko figure of a female skateboarder named Holly, smiling, with blonde hair in a ponytail, wearing a red helmet, knee pads, shorts and a "Shred Girlz" t-shirt, doing a kickflip on a skateboard, '90s bedroom background. Retro toy packaging mockup of a Funko Pop box titled "Shreddin' Holly" with rad typography and skateboard graphics.

This advanced prompt generates a customized skater girl Funko with matching '90s bedroom set and branded toy packaging - all from AI!

Get creative with mixing and matching customizations. For the best results, always include explicit instructions in your prompt text regarding new background, poses, props, box designs, etc. This guides the machine learning model to render high quality imagery aligned to your desired custom Funko Pop vinyl toy.

Sharing and Uses

Once you've created a custom AI Funko Pop portrait you love, there are endless possibilities for how to use and share your imaginative new avatar!

Download your image to save on your device, then upload to social media or printing sites to share with friends.

Set your Funko art as your profile picture on messaging apps like WhatsApp or Slack.

Print on canvas or merchandise like t-shirts, phone cases, posters, etc.

Create Funko art for friends, family or celebrities and gift them a personalized figure.

The versatile image file formats enable easy exporting for almost any application.

However, it's worth noting that Microsoft's AI tools use of the Funko brand and style may raise copyright questions. Since these images are AI-generated utilizing machine learning models, Microsoft argues they should qualify as fair use transformative works. But proceed with caution, as the ownership side of mass producing or selling AI Funkos without permission remains a gray area. Nonetheless, for personal social sharing use, these customized figures make highly amusing art.

Let your imagination guide how you style, use and display your one-of-a-kind AI crafted Funko Pop portrait!


In summary, creating custom AI Funko Pop vinyl figures of yourself, friends or celebrities is an exciting new way to produce original pop culture artwork. Services like Microsoft's Designer containing AI image generators empower anyone to simply describe their desired Funko doll in text prompts for the algorithm to render in vibrant detail.

We walked through the full process from accessing the Designer platform to crafting effective descriptive prompts to techniques for downloading, customizing, and sharing your Funko avatar creations.

So whether you want to become a quirky collectible figurine to decorate your office, design avant-garde celebrity Funko interpretations, or gift custom creations to friends - AI makes achieving your Funko fantasies faster than ever! Harness your inner Funko artist today using AI.

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